aba’s marketplace…the original social networking site
Before facebook, there was face time. 
ABA’s Marketplace provides our members with valuable face-to-face interactions
which build relationships and increase your bottom line.
Listed as the top show take-away, Marketplace’s seven-minute prescheduled appointments provide
you with not only high-quality leads, but more business relationship opportunities than any other show.
Booked business is the core of your Marketplace success with more than 100,000 scheduled connections.
Limitless networking opportunities during social events, meal functions, and first-class evening events
provide constant access to more than 3000 travel industry professionals,
including 750 qualified operators, so members can link up off the business floor.
Marketplace gives you a year’s worth of face-to-face sales calls in one week.
Increase your business presence by getting involved in ABA and the group travel!

Join the more than 1000 delegates, including hundreds of buyers, who already “like” Marketplace.
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